Preciosa Crystals from the Czech Republic!     Free shipping for orders above $50!



1. Why do you charge a flat shipping fee? What goes into the flat shipping fee?

 We only offer a flat shipping fee at this juncture. Going forward we might adopt weight specific shipping fees and will update our community accordingly of any such plans. Note there is free delivery for orders above S$50!

Packing costs etc goes into the flat shipping fee you pay for your packages. 

At Crystallized Reflections we aim to ensure you get your packages and will be using at least registered mail or the equivalent so that you can track your packages accordingly!


2. Do you offer other shipping or check-out alternatives?

Yes we do! We have a Shopee and Lazada online storefront as well which you can use to purchase our items! 


3. Where can i browse your products real time instead of just via pictures on your ecommerce site?

You can visit our stockist partner Golden Dragon in Singapore to view our products live! Their shop is located in People's Park Centre in Chinatown Singapore. Happy Shopping!


4. Where are your products from? 

They are from Preciosa Czech Republic. We are an official partner to Preciosa and so be rest assured your are getting the quality Preciosa products directly from the specialized Preciosa Czech factories!


5. Are you open to various forms of collaborations?

 Yes we are! Feel free to reach out to us for a discussion on any forms of potential collaborations! We are most happy to support!



Any further questions? Feel free to contact us via email or click the whatsapp chat button for a live chat with our CR Team!


Happy shopping!
CR Team