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About Us

About Us

Crystallized Reflections is a Singapore-based online shop carrying Preciosa products from the Czech Republic. Preciosa crystals are high-quality crystal beads and components for premier jewellery, accessories and clothing. We maintain strong direct links with Preciosa from the Czech Republic and continue to offer a diverse range of fine crystals and crystal beads for a variety of design needs.

Key crystal products we offer at Crystallized Reflections are Preciosa Beads (Round and Bicone), Preciosa Rhinestones (Iron On, Hotfix and Foiled No Glue) as well as Nacre Pearls! Contact us if you are looking for another product which is currently not available!


Preciosa is a leading international glass manufacturer. For decades, Preciosa has, with its stable of skilled Bohemian craftsmen, produced the finest crystal beads with extraordinary brilliance and fire. Constantly innovating, Preciosa achieved the impossible in 2006 when they introduced the smallest cut stone with 33 facets – a brilliantly cut tiny cubic zirconia stone which retained the legendary brilliance and other attributes of Preciosa’s crystal beads. Visit: 

As the authorised dealer of Preciosa a.s., Crystallized Reflections is proud to bring Preciosa crystal beads to you. 


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